Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's been a while.....

So Sam had his tonsils out and seemed to recover really well.  Two main things have changed: 1.  He sleeps in silence - no more train snoring.  2.  His voice has gone up half an octave and sounds quite different/squeaky/chipmunkish.  I'm happy about the first but struggling to adapt to number 2!

He currently has a double whammie UTI - 2 different bugs grew in his urine 12 days ago - he was just a bit grumpy, no major temperatures, but I could tell he wasn't happy and his urine looked cloudy.  Sure enough the test results came back positive and both bugs should be treatable with the same antibiotic.  Roll the clock on 10 days til Friday and his antibiotics were due to stop, but I could tell he still wasn't back to normal with similar symptoms, so he's still on antibiotics and I will see how he is on Wednesday and report back to his specialist, as it may be he needs IV drugs.

It's been busy with Sam at kindergarten 3 mornings a week and the girls settling back into school. I've been working helping out in the school office, which I've been loving. It's also on the same campus as kindergarten, so it's easy for me to pop out at 11.45 to go and drain Sam's drains etc!  It has meant that his usual physio and Starship appointments have been later in the afternoon, so the days are very full.  It's only for a short while and it's been handy to get us over the expensive part of the new school year, and it's been fun donning a dress and heals and not the usual jeans/t.shirt... oh and to find my brain still works is an added bonus!

Finally after years of meetings etc, on February 4th I became the employer of 6 staff! No longer do we have to use an agency, which is entitled to take a chunk of the money that the Ministry of Health give...... I can source and train my own staff and I use an independent payroll company who sort all the payments/tax/acc etc.  So it's been such a great week to just be able to get on with life without a middle man!

On Thursday I have a big multi-disciplinary meeting at Middlemore with our needs assessor, Ministry of Health people (Paediatrician/OT/Nurse/Physio etc..) and Ministry of Ed people.  It's to see what plans are for the long term big picture.... it should be interesting!

OK, I best head to bed, but conscious the blog has been quiet for a while.  Sam is pretty happy (inspite of UTI) and continues to grow physically and to develop really fast now he is at kindergarten - he chatters away and has real conversations now, which is really fun.

X Shirl


Jo Pelan said...

Wow, you have been busy! So glad Sam's doing so well at kindy. I'm sure he's been successful at charming his teachers there. Would love to see you now that we're back. Let me know when you have some spare time coming up and we'll make plans.

Downes said...

Good to hear from you...was thinking of you all recently.

Downes said...

Good to hear from you...was thinking of you all recently.

The Doughertys said...

Twins loving school and Sam loves his teacher (as does Becky) and is back to the 'old Sam' when he loved school. Its a real answer to prayer thats for sure. Not sure what we would of done if he had another year like last. So pleased you can cull the middle man - they all want there bit. Hope Sammy comes right soon from his UTI. Our kids often make 'little Sammy' quotes throughout the day. We love you guys and think you're the bestest. XXXX