Thursday, March 14, 2013

A new phenomena!

Well today was a FIRST for us.  Sam had a clinic and it was decided that he could be discharged from a specialty!  ENT reviewed him post tonsils/adenoid removal, checked out his oxygen readings etc and decided that he doesn't need to be seen by them again... ever!  Fancy that?!

Felt quite odd being discharged - amazing yet bizarre!  Normally we're seen by a team and then something else is spotted and another specialty added.  It is great that having this op has improved his breathing/snoring and sleeping..... so much so that we don't have to see them anymore!

Woo hoo for progress and we have grateful hearts!



Anonymous said...

Wa hoo indeed. Amazing.
Love RAewyn and Andy

The Doughertys said...

Ha Team D, the big fella can cross one off his list......wahooo. I love the photo in the last blog....looks like Sam has an ipod straped to him and is going for a run. Hope you had a fab birthday and got to have a sleep in and do something special. You are one in a million. Love Team D.