Saturday, March 16, 2013

A piece of lovely!

I've been in touch with Sams pediatrician this past week about some lesions on his legs. He's had them about a year and we've tried various potions and lotions, but they've remained.  Not particularly getting worse or better until this last month, when it's gotten worse.  Due to his surgeries, then his heart monitor, he was only having bed baths, so his legs weren't getting a good soak.

Yesterday afternoon Sams pediatrician called and said he would pop in on his way home.... I'm not particularly certain it was on his way home, but on a Friday afternoon at 5.30, when he could easily have been relaxing with his family or doing something nice, he was sitting on our lounge floor playing with Sam and examining his legs!  He is concerned it could be a fungal infection, which is of particular concern because if a fungus attaches to Sams central line it is nearly impossible to get rid of, so would mean Sam would get very ill and most definitely have to lose the line, in order to destroy the bug.

So with script in hand, I carried Sam out to the road to wave off his Doctor...... it felt very '1930's' having a house call, but it was not lost on us how very very kind he had just been.

Ahhh, tis good for the soul to share these kindnesses with you, especially when it's easy to look at the news and wonder what the world is coming to.  Yesterday we saw that the world is a better place when individuals act in kind and sacrificial ways..... so I wanted to share that with you all!

Enjoy your weekend!

Below, Sams legs.... (just in case you thought they might be mine?!)

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Kate Manson said...

What a lovely paediatrician you have Shirl :) We love our one too - to the point that Hazel asked if she could invite him to her birthday lol. It's lovely to see Sam looking so good - he's a wee cutie xox