Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back in place!

Sam had his line resited today. He went in to theatre around 2 and recovery called about 3.30. He was the usual physical grumpy post op, and quite hard to comfort him as nothing you do is right. But he is happy watching a DVD in bed now. The surgeon inserted a wire into the existing line and manipulated it back into the right vein. So he hasn't actually got a new central line wound, although he does have the surgical incision in his neck.

The vesicostomy drain and bag is to stay in for another week, so that will be a challenge for mobility but hopefully home tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Brilliant news. Check into the blog most days to see if any updates on little Sam. He looks great and you all seem to be coping so well. Love from Paul, Gemma, Abbie, Lewis and Jacob x x x x