Saturday, March 2, 2013

Home for the weekend

Sam got home around 3.30 yesterday and is happy and back to normal. His urine just seeps out the hole in his bladder so we have to be vigilant to keep his nappies up high or everything gets wet. We might play around with a stoma bag to see if that helps collect it, otherwise we will have to go with the Harry High Pants look!

The girls coped well with a very muddled week, but as usual the tiredness that comes with a week like this, seems to all come out as we readjust to being back together. So last night two tired frustrated girls got to be little girls and have their melt downs, then we had some family time and then to bed!
Today and tomorrow we are expecting a home care nurse to pop in with a syringe driver to administer SAMs 1 hour antibiotic infusion. His uti is a psuedomonas which requires a 5 day course of gentymycin.
On Monday Sam will have his last dose in hospital. He is last on the surgical list to have his cvl put back into the right artery. We are hoping it will just be an overnight stay, but only time will tell.
Today is a catch up day, the garden and lawn are a jungle as these are forgotten amongst hospital. So we shall enjoy pottering and being at home before it all too quickly changes back to hospital on Monday! 

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Lots of luv to you all
Margo xx