Monday, March 4, 2013

Um, not sure what's happening....

Ok, so Sunday afternoon I noticed Sams nappies were not as wet as they should be and his tummy was getting rounder again... so after a call to Starship Francis took him in to the emergency department.  Long story short, the surgical team re-inserted the catheter and bag and 600 mls of urine came out!  So it seems the hole is closing too much and it's not draining.  With it being a recent surgery, the team aren't wanting us to intermittently catheterise it for a tleast 2 weeks, so they've put a permanent one in.  Francis got home around 9.30 and it was a late hook up for his night feeds... So 6 hours in Starship was Francis day off! I was too tired from the week before and stayed home and 'nana napped'!

Francis & Sam went into Starship for 11.30 today - he needed an hour long IV antibiotic and drug test.  Then he was due for surgery, but at around 1.30 this afternoon they heard this had been cancelled. Francis was asked to wait until someone from surgical came..... but no one did, so he's ended up staying in not sure of when surgery will be.  Rumour has it it could be tomorrow, but there is nothing on the computer system and Sam is still taking his milk feeds into his gut - he'd be NBM (nil by mouth) if he was on the morning list.  So it's possible he could be on the afternoon list, or maybe not.

One thing we know is that surgical timetables are delicate things and when Sam was really unwell we know that other kids were bumped from their slots, as the medical teams are always re-assessing and doing the most urgent first.... so we wait to see when they can fit Sam in, conscious that people today had surgery that was either longer or more acute than Sam.....and their families will be not finding that easy.  Hopefully if surgery isn't for a few days, we can at least have Sam home to be a family again for a bit if possible.

Sleep well. X S

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Anonymous said...

You - and Francis - are such gracious people Shirley - it doesn't go unnoticed.v.a