Thursday, April 25, 2013

Starship Bound!

NEWSFLASH - 4 pm Friday 26 April
Sam and Francis off to Starship!  Urine smelling strong and cloudy again.  Time to get some IV antibiotics on board.
NEWSFLASH - 12 noon Friday 26 April
Sam had a much better night that we predicted - his urine is a bit clearer, so we have kept him home and will only take him in if he spikes another temperature urine clouds again.... we hoping that he might have turned a corner!  

The last 3 weeks Sam has been fighting with urinary tract infections (UTIs).  We managed to keep him at home by giving him oral antibiotics for the first infection, but a couple of days later it reared its ugly head again.... but this time a different bug was grown that is resistant to most oral antibiotics... so we started him on Tuesday on this antibiotic and the urine seemed to clear and he was happier and no temperatures etc.... until today when he started getting grizzly, his urine is like soup again and smelling like the fish counter at Pak'n'Save.  As it was late in the day when we realised his symptoms returning we decided to hook him up to his usual regime of TPN and milk at home and give him a good night sleep at home and will head in first thing tomorrow morning.

Thankfully Francis has a day off work anyway so he can sort the girls (it's school holidays).  Sam will need to go on IV antibiotic infusions once a day and if previous protocol is anything to go by, we will be in for the weekend.

On a brighter note, yesterday I had Sam at Greenlane Hospital for a dental appointment. After he was seen by the dentist I popped into the pharmacy to get some things and bumped into the very first Dr that we met when Sam was born nearly 4 years ago!  She worked tirelessly in those first days and weeks with Sam in NICU, then we left NICU and headed to the ward and like so many Drs her training took her to other cities.... so roll on nearly 4 years and I had the joy of seeing her face as Sam walked up and said, 'Hi Doc, I been to see the dentist and got a sticker!'.  She literally was lost for words and couldn't believe the little ill boy she treated was walking and talking and had such lovely curly hair!  It truly did my heart glad to show Sam to her, knowing full well that her skill and care had helped Sam and us in those awful early days.  It was a special moment to see Sam chatting with her and to see her stunned face - priceless!

So I best get to bed for some good sleep, as I'm pretty sure the next couple of nights will see me trying to sleep amidst the challenge of hospital!

I am really disappointed for Sam that he is becoming resistant to oral antibiotics - which is a very real concern. But for now I won't let my mind go crazy with where this is heading... and will just take it a day at a time, pray and leave my concerns with God..... I leave you with a great quote from Corrie Ten Boom:

 'Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.'

X Shirl

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