Sunday, June 9, 2013

72 hours later....

...and Sam is worse than when we arrived.  He is sleeping now, with humidified oxygen at 7 litres to keep his saturations above 95%.

Yesterday after I wrote he had a really rough couple of hours - just out of nowhere he started to breath harder and need more oxygen.  The Dr was called and he was given ventolin (6 puffs) every 20 mins for an hour.  This seemed to help him settle, but not improve.

This morning he still hadn't improved, so the thinking is that the infection could be viral, not bacterial as he should have responded to antibiotics if it was bacterial.  So they have started him on steriods - once a day with his first dose this morning. He had a hospital day with his Daddy and I hung out with the girls sorting the house/washing/meals for the week and making sure they did piano practice/science project etc - life goes on!
This evening we did a switch of girls and car in the car park and I am with the boy!

Tomorrow he has a renal function test - it was booked as an outpatients procedure in the adult hospital, so all the various teams have chatted (renal/surgical/gastro) and it seems appropirate to still do this test even though Sam is on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.... so atleast that will get Sam out of his 'cell' for a couple of hours tomorrow, albeit it on a medical mission.

We shall see what the week holds - at this point we have no idea, so we take it a day at a time and will just do our best at the time.  We continue to ask God for his healing hand on Sams lungs and that it would clear quickly.  We also pray for the girls as they are both tired and fragile - we had hoped to be a family together this weekend after 3 weeks apart, so it's not easy on them having 'solo' parents again.


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