Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New Day

Sam has woken happy and slightly improved. He is still on the ward and the plan is for him to have regular nebuliser followed by chest physio and suction. He's just had his first onslaught and they are due back in 3 hours. For now he is sitting up playing with his cars and garage with a face mask blasting humidified oxygen (5 litres) at him. He is being a star at keeping his mask on, but if he takes it off I confiscate a car.... So that keeps the mask on.

Gastro and Respiratory teams have both been.. All are happy with his slight clinical improvement and  agree we plod on with the interventions above to help clear his lungs and try to decrease his oxygen. Slow and steady.

The girls happily ran off to school excited to be heading home to dear friends for the afternoon and sleep over. This means that Francis can come in tonight and we can see each other for the first time in nearly a month..... Ooh a Starship date, cant buy them on Grab One!

Thanks for the texts, meals, love for us and the kids. My body might be weary but my heart is full!


The Doughertys said...

Ha team, had you on my mind today as I was out walking and haven't checked in our your blog for weeks so was sad to read all that's going on in your life. When you die Shirley, if I am still alive, I will have one word that will describe you....encourager. There are plenty more words as well but you are always full of encouragement and can somehow find the light in the tunnel when all the rest of us would of given up and just sat in the darkness and cried. Your faith causes us to examine our own lives. We love you fellas and hope the big fella is back up on his feet and bouncing before long. Much love to the girls and Francis. Fi xxx

Anonymous said...


G Downes said...

Passing by the blog guilt hits me for not keeping in touch with you all more. I often think of you all and wonder how you are as a family and as individuals.
Reading your blogs brings back memories of the short times we spent in hospital.
Our love and thoughts go to you all and we continue to admire your strength you seem to get from your faith. Reality is at times you must be frustrated, tired and upset yet you seem to continue to climb the mountains in your journey you all take with Sam.
Hugs to you all.