Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Eve

Yes tomorrow Sam will be 4! BUT he is feeling pretty miserable with a urinary tract infection and cough/cold and the winter blues. He's only just started his new antibiotics at 6pm tonight - usually it takes at least 3 doses before he improves.... so I've figured out if I get up at 1am and give him a dose, then again at 9am.... he might almost be feeling a bit better on his special day...

Am feeling a bit 'flat' about his birthday.... it's really interesting trying to excite the girls over his birthday - so much of celebration is around food.  We normally have a special birthday breakfast, then a treasure hunt, the 'chocolate' game is the girls all time fav, plus birthday cake and fizzy drink...... so how do we celebrate without food??  So I'm having to motivate the girls to think that bit harder to make Sams day special.... as do I.

For now, I'm just hoping and praying that he picks up, stops coughing and vomiting and can enjoy having his Daddy home!

Off to decorate a cake!

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