Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday Photos!

So the first 2 photos were at 8.15 am in our home....

 And this one was on my phone at 2.15 in Starship...
He had a better night last night.  Still needs 3 litres of 02 to get enough oxygen.  He is having humidified oxygen and 3 - 4 hourly ventolin.  He was waking at least hourly to cough/vomit last night, which is a big improvement on the night before....It is Saturday morning, Sam is happy playing with cars and a garage in bed and I look like a train wreck ..... so pretty much a normal day!

Last night when Sams night nurse came on, we were in fits of laughter as Sam was telling her about his favourite movie - Despicable Me, and then he went on to do fist pumps in the air shouting, 'Booyah!' have to see the movie to get this.... so his impersonating movies shows two things: 1.  He is definitely feeling a whole lot better and 2: he watches way too much tv!!

The girls are having a lazy day at home with Francis as Candace is pretty grotty with chesty cold/cough too.... so they have been given strict instructions to do inhalations etc to help Candace get over it and to buy a bale of hay to clean out the hen house - Yes we have 2 new family members - TG (Short for Thanks Giving) and Kentucky.... Sam is terrified of them, but does a good hen impersonation.

Thanks for your love and prayers for the little guy - he's on the up!

X Shirl

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