Monday, June 10, 2013

Code Pink

Code Pink is what the ward call when they need support from PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care) - its not a life threatening urgent request, but requires a response from PICU within 15 mins.

So today at around 12 noon a Code Pink was called on Sam.  He was requiring a lot of oxygen, had had antibiotics and steriods and still his oxygen requirement was going up.  He was due to head down for a new chest xray, but it was decided he was too fragile for this, so the xray came to him.

PICU came and assessed him, changed around the various ways O2 can be given and respiratory consultant also came.  After the xray and review, it was thought he may have pockets of his lung that have collapsed - ie, lots of mucus/goop that has glued his lungs together in places.  He was started on a nebulizer (not his favourite thing!) and then chest percussion to free up the goop.  Not much came up, but it is definitely rattling around down there.   It is now just past 11pm and the nurses are suctioning him to help him clear some goop - another 'not favourite' thing having a long tube stuck down your nose.  And somewhere nearby an on call physio is being called to come in to give him chest percussion .... so he is having lots of attention and being well cared for.

He is pretty sick, but at other times he is sitting up chatting and laughing with the nurses!  Today we called the elders of our church (as directed in James), so our pastor and some elders came in and prayed with him/me.  We just plod on, being obedient to what we think God wants us to do and be and leave Sam and us in His care.  We don't understand everything, but we do know God loves Sam more than we ever will - and that is a heap!

I think the girls are doing well (I've spoken to them, but Francis and friends are looking after them), but it is always unsettling for them.  

He is very unwell but we are peaceful.  It may be that he is moved to ICU overnight as he needs more aggressive treatment that can't be offered on the ward - although being in ICU sounds worse, it could be a better scenario for him as his lungs may require pressurised oxygen which isn't given on the ward.  I'm tired, but ok - not much sleep happens in this place between constant nursing care (so appreciated!), his humidifier (loud whirring noise) and House Officers insisting on wearing stiletto heals - seriously who is there to impress at midnight? I think it's time to write to all Medical Colleges asking them to train Drs to wear rubber soled shoes and be sensible like the nurses!

Personally I'm wearing my slippers - if life gives you lemons make lemonade!  This is my home for now, so slippers it is - I might start going to the supermarket in my PJs next!

Ok, tiredness and ridiculousness is talking now... off to try and nap before Sams screaming from chest physio wakens me... The PICU Dr has just been and reviewed Sam and said the physio is on her way in - I just hope she's wearing flats!

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Anonymous said...

Rubber soled shoes all the way Shirley! I will back your request to the medical trainees!!!
Lots of luv and prayer xxxx