Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another hospital birthday

Sam started the day ok after a rough night, had a mid morning nap at his request which is so not normal. When he woke I had a strong sense he wasnt great. But I watched and waited until the home care nurse visited at 1. We have to strip Sam naked to do his central line dressing change at which point it became very obvious he was working hard at breathing. Her sats monitor showed his oxygen saturation at 90% so it was a quick pack and straight to Starship. Sam was so pleased to be going in to see all his friends (aka nurses and drs)! A chest x-ray showed cloudy patches on his lungs so the poor wee man is on oxygen and has a uti and pretty miserable.

Francis brought the girls in at 6, and Sam was so excited to see his Dad after nearly 3 weeks away... As was I, but with nurses, Drs and ecg machines coming and going and girls needing fed it was all bit chaotic and not the happy home coming one was wanting! The upside of tonight is that the girls went to Radio Lollipop and got to DJ for a bit! They gave a shout out to their brother Sam..... We had the radio on in his room and his eyes lit up when he heard his name. They really loved the experience and both want to have careers in broadcasting now!

Francis is staying over tonight even though he is exhausted,'but I work on Fridays and I wouldnt survive tomorrow as I know what the last 2 nights were like. After work i will head in and swap for the night.

So it was lovely to celebrate Sams birthday - the setting doesnt matter so much, just being together was enough.

But i am concerned for Sam. He went down hill quickly and he has 2 infections to fight and he is pale and weak and not his usual self, so am praying that he will respond to the antibiotics (I.V) quickly and well.


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