Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sam's GREAT! Family recovering....

Sam arrived home yesterday afternoon!  It is always so nice to see him running around chasing his sisters again and to hear them squealing and tickling him.

But post hospital there is always a high stress adjustment period - the girls have to get used to 2 parents again (they get frustrated as they can't play us off each other when we are together!), the girls have to go back to sharing a room again (one always camps out in Sams room) and Sam's Mum and Dad lie about half dead and unmotivated even though we have washing and life to carry on with!

This morning Sams carer was sick, and I just didn't think it was fair that Sam miss another Kindergarten day as he's just missed 2 weeks.... so today I went to kindy and hung out with Sam.  He loved being back but tired quickly and we didn't stay the whole session.  It was so nice to see the other kids welcome him back and Sam and his teachers mutual joy at his return!  We took in a belated birthday cake and celebrated with them.

At 2pm Sam has the Occupational Therapist coming, and then I think after that he will collapse into bed for a snooze.... I would love to join him but the girls will arrive home full of energy.

Tomorrow the MRI has been cancelled, as they don't want to put him under at G.A. so soon after having compromised lungs, but that slot was quickly filled by Family Options who are coming to do a review of the care package we receive.  I find this process quite arduous as in my view they have a conflict of interest in the one job - trying to ascertain what your family support needs are to help you cope, whilst trying to do it with spending as little money as possible..... so it will be all the same questions that we were asked 6 months ago, even though Sam has the same needs and doesn't fit the boxes they have to tick.... ho hum, time to get it over and done with. Yes, bah humbug, I'm being a grump - but am over bureaucracy and constant paperwork...and the same questions.

On this last admission, a new Dr was asking me the same questions that I've had many gazillion times. She started asking me about Sams short stature, and asked me the question I've had lots of times, 'Is there a  history of short stature in our extended families?', to which I replied, 'Well not that I know of, unless they are just really that short I've never noticed them.... but then you'd think I'd trip over them... unless they were really really short and then they could be fast .....'  I received a blank stare and onto the next question!

Hopefully tonight the adjustment will see us slightly nearer normal alignment than last night... although we are very unsure what normal looks like...!



Juliette said...

So glad that you're all home! Looking forward to seeing Sam soon xx

The Doughertys said...

Yah you're home. Come for a break down here any time you want and we'll treat you like the kings and queens you are. Much love xx

greg said...

Hey Shirl,
Have only just clicked on Sam's blog tonight to find out how full on your last two weeks have been... so sorry about the stink stuff but always encouraged by your eloquence and leaning into Jesus for strength.
Praying for you all as you adjust back to this week's 'normal'... and for Sam that his oxygen levels/lungs would continue to improve.
Lets do coffee sometime soon.
Love Suga xx

Anonymous said...

We love you and think of you and pray for Sam and you all. Please say hello to Candace and Jazz from Josiah and Asia...still far away in Laos. Sam is a beautiful boy! We love you guys!
Anna Lor

Kate Manson said...

You have the patience of a saint dealing with all the people who have never walked even remotely close to a day in your shoes. I think of you guys lots and am always pleased to read when Sam is home and doing better xox