Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Silver Lining?

So Sam has been watching Candace take her medicine in her mouth, have the thermometer under her tongue and sit and eat her meals.... so Sam has been wanting to copy and has been putting the thermometer under his tongue and popping syringes in his mouth.  This really is amazing for Sam - it's not like we've not tried hundreds of times and encouraged him constantly to do.

This afternoon I came home to sleep and sort life at home - Francis just sent through this photo of Sam 'eating' his cracker and cheese like his big sister!  If it was anyone else, no one would have even taken a photo or taken a second look - but this is Sam, aged 4 who doesn't eat... this is a very cool photo and I've taken more than a second look.

Sam was well enough to come home today, but due to incompatible systems he will get home tomorrow instead.  Francis will work from home with Sam for some of it and his nurse/friend having him for some of the day.  I will head back in to Starship to see what the day holds for Candace.  The surgical team will visit her first thing in the morning to decide if surgery will be tomorrow afternoon or if they need to wait further for the swelling to subside.  Probably we will be moved down to the orthopedic ward, now that Sam is out of the picture.... it will be a new piece of Starship for us.  Candace is doing well in spite of the reality of disappointment and frustration kicking in from time to time as she thinks of all the things she is going to miss out on - school dance contest she's been looking forward to.  She is also scared at the thought of surgery - so lots of chats and cuddles and tears..... oh life lessons are hard to learn, but only learnt so often in adversity.  So I leave you with 2 images - I hope they encourage you as they encourage me tonight.  X


viv said...

Oh just love the cracker eating pic! I can just imagine him with a delicate bone china cuppa in the other hand - pinky in the air!

Anonymous said...

Crikey - you have had a lot happening (well you always do but adding Candace into the mix is full on). I haven't stopped by to read for ages so am just catching up. Lots of luv to you all xxxx