Saturday, July 13, 2013

Still here

So Sam didnt improve since last post as expected. His temps continued but then a cough developed. Last night was his worst in this admission, needing suctioning througout the night and his oxygrn requirements going up to 4litres.  So we both had very little sleep and the plan for the day is for Sam to have a chest xray and IV antibiotics started again. A swab of goop from his nose has grown a normal cold virus but it has developed into bronchialitus. They are unsure why he is still spiking 39+ temps at this stage in the virus - thats not normal, hence why abx being started again. The chest physio is working a treat and helping clear the lungs.

So Sam is tired and isnt his usual compliant self and asking to go home - sadly that is not happening any time soon. We were hoping to have him home for Monday to celebrate his Dads birthday but it might be that Francis gets to celebrate in starship with Sam as I am helping out at a conference next week. The girls are heading to Tauranga tomorrow for a weeks holiday with special friends, so at least the school holidays wont just be hospital for them. Thank you to Big Sam, Phoebe and Becs for sharing your very cool parents with our girls!

As always the practical support of friends and prayers of many keep us going. I'm off to try and sleep before I swap with Francis so I can see the girls and help them pack for their exciting week ahead.


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