Monday, August 26, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow

Sam has had a so-so couple of weeks - he's had yet another UTI which seemed to clear with oral antibiotics, but just this past weekend his urine has gone crazy again and he has a low grade temp and urine that resembles potato soup. He still is mostly happy so he went to kindergarten today and came home to wrestle with me. His new favourite past time is 'rolling you over', which means he has you on the ground jumping all over you. Mostly it's fine until this afternoon when I heard a pop like a balloon and liquid poo everywhere.... which was really stressful as it included soaking his CVL line that goes directly into his heart. So it was a quick clean up of him, me and the carpet before getting him ready for bed! Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early as we have to be at Starship by 7.30 as he is on the morning list for surgery. His vesicostomy (bladder drain) needs revising as it's not doing what it should, and his GJ button has broken and is leaking. So they will refashion his bladder drain and as putting in a new feeding tube needs to be done under anaesthetic they will do both at once, whilst also having a bit of a look around. So it's been harder to manage him these past couple of weeks as he's been messy and needing changed multiple times a day...the washing has been plentiful and I need to get 2 more loads through the drier before I head off tomorrow. We only found out about the surgery on Thursday, so as Francis had planned to be in Vanuatu from yesterday, he went anyway as he has people relying on him and his work, that 3 days notice isn't really fair to bail on - but when a surgery spot is up you just have to drop and go for it.... the girls are packed and ready for sleeping over at the fabulous Scott family again. It's great they have their home-away-from-home when their real home turns to custard! Sam is so excited about going to Starship tomorrow. I'm so not excited, as I understand what he doesn't and I feel like I'm duping him. I'll update you tomorrow night - thanks for your prayers for the wee man and for the girls. X S

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