Monday, September 9, 2013

A rough 48 hours....but out the other side!

I haven't 'blogged' in a few days as I've just been too tired.... Sam had a really rough 2.5 days post op. Operations always stir up bugs and he was hitting high temps as well as having to cope with surgical pain. It took 24 hours to get the pain under control and then he was fighting the high fevers, which lead to a high heart rate....which led to his exhaustion and needing back on oxygen. But after sleepless nights and fitful days, he woke up yesterday (Sunday) with a smile and talking again. It's a long few days watching your child suffer.... but am so glad he is out the other side now. Francis got home on Sunday morning, so he brought the girls up to see Sam and then I headed home with the girls to sleep (ahh, that blissful place that has been escaping me for too long...), drug up on Tiffy (fabulous cold meds that we lived on in Asia and have our own stash here as they can't be bought here!) and I had a solid 12 hours sleep! Francis reported this morning that Sam too had a great night sleep (yay!) and today they are working on weaning him off oxygen. He still has a Mitrofanoff (why can't Drs called 'Smith' invent some fancy surgical procedure?)and a SBC (Suprapubic catheter) as well as his usual left kidney drain (ureterostomy). So he currently has 3 urine drains. The 2 new ones will be in situ for at least a month whilst the Mitrofanoff heals properly. Once it is 'working' well, the SBC can come out and we will just access his right bladder via the Mitrofanoff.... and if you understand that you are doing very well! One of the nights post op when he was poorly, I was cuddling him. Every time I thought he was asleep and I would try to pull away to get some sleep he would hold on to my hand and say, 'hug me'.... so I lay with my face on his face for most of the night. One night at around 4am I was sure he was asleep, but then this little voice pipes up, 'Mum?', 'yes darling', 'Can you pray for me?, he asked..... it was so sweet.... he hadn't said anything for an hour, and then he asked me to pray with him. So I lay with him and we asked Jesus to help his tummy get better and help the medicines to stop the pain and the bugs to go away.... it was a very precious moment. So it's been a hard week for Sam, actually he's had a pretty rocky few weeks, but today he is happy again and pain free and laughing and enjoying life, and for that we are so grateful. Love who you have around you today. X Shirley

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