Thursday, September 12, 2013

A sick wee boy

So all was on track to have an Elective MRI today and head home, as the surgery was deemed to have gone well. Yesterday he started having random temperatures, so 3 different urine samples were sent off (he has three urine sources currently) and a blood culture. The tests showed he has a gram neg bug growing in his urine, which is now in his blood. He was given a gent infusion but then had a crazy night! He fluctuated between 39 and 40degrees with a crazy high heart rate hovering around 200, climbing to 220 for a bit. At 3am he was reviewed and a fluid bag hung to try to slow his heart rate. At one stage he was delirious asking me who i was and when would Mum come back - it was pretty awful and upsetting, especially when one is so tired. He finally fell asleep at 4.30am but with the help of oxygen, as he was so worn out. He is dozing now and still has 38.8 temp and 180 heart rate, but so much better than last night. He has been reviewed this morning and we are just waiting for the Infectious Disease team to have input re treatment. So we are in the land of the unknown again. Last night as i fought back tears and exhaustion i read Philippians 4 and decided to act on it: I thanked God for being in NZ where Sam has access to medicine and medical expertise, for friends and Nana for having the girls, for happy girls that love school.... Then i poured out my heart about how tired i was, how hard it is watching Sam struggle, the disappointment of missing a daughters school event, missing Francis, the frustration of not being able to plan, wishing Sam was well.... And then through the tears 'God's peace which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand' flooded in. It doesn't make sense, but it is much more real and tangible than anything else I can see or touch in this world. Now whilst Sam dozes I shall do the same! S


Juliette said...

What a roller coaster! Much love to you all - may you have peace and rest and an amazing improvement in Sam's infection very quickly. x

The Dockers said...

Ive just caught up on all the news, and its not good. Boy, you've been through the wringer. I am so amazed at your ability to keep your eyes on God and to let Him comfort you. What an amazing, amazing woman you are even if you don't feel it. You are one in a million Shirl. Go Candace, you'll be ready to take on summer with a bounce now. Hope you are starting to feel more 'able bodied'. You will be happy as we are about the Cairns news. Awesome ah. All our love to you all. Fi and team xxxx

Anonymous said...

Praying God's peace for you. Praise God for his peace xxxx