Thursday, September 5, 2013

Emergency Surgery

oh what a difference 24 hours can make! Sam was a bit miserable over night and then totally inconsolable this morning.... so as I attended to him bleary eyed I spotted that a whole heap more of his bladder had popped out - poor guy... so after getting the kids off to school in full make up (it was book day, so one was Cleopatra and one an 'ugly sister')I got Sam into CED, after letting Elim know that I would be letting them down today - but it was an easy decision, my boy needed his Mum! I signed off for him to have a GA and they were going to pop the bladder back with a temporary measure to hold him over until his big surgery planned for Tuesday. Then Candace arrived with my friend, and I took Candace up to get her leg xrayed and cast off and my friend stayed with Sam who was transfered to the surgical ward. Part way through sorting Candace the surgeon calls to say they had had a cancellation and there was now theatre time and personnel to perform the main surgery scheduled for next week! This was good news as it means one less trip to theatre and getting it sorted now. Candace was understandably a bit peeved that our afternoon to celebrate finding her leg again had been put on hold due to Sam.... so as he lay in his bed we taught him to say in parrot fashion, 'I owe you big time Candace'! So Candace went 'home' to our friends to soak her leg and start walking on her leg. She was surprised how stiff it was and how foreign it felt to walk on it again. Candace sorted, check... now on to Sam. He went into theatre around 3 and back to the ward around 7. He is lying peacefully beside me with his morphine pump and epidural doing its work. He has 2 extra drains tonight and the vesicostomy has been closed..... He will be in over the weekend, but we are looking forward to Sunday when his Dad returns from New York. Tonight in Sams post anaestethic stupor he mumbled, 'My tummy is fixed.... Daddy come home.... Daddy bring me a present!' We are so amazed and thankful again at the skill and care of the surgical and nursing team. I am also so proud of the girls who have put up with a lot of upheaval this past 2 weeks - so although this is Sams blog, I attach two photos of his very special sisters on their way to 'Book Character Day' at school. I am so looking forward to my bed tonight! X


Anonymous said...

Hope all going Paul, Gemma, Abbie, Lewis and Jacob x x

Anonymous said...

Great outfits girls!!! Your Mum is so clever. xxx Love Auntie Jude and co.