Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sam is Back!

On Wednesday the kids and I headed into Starship (School holidays) for Sam to have his Mitrofonoff and SPC taken out... lots of tears and screaming, but he got over it quick enough...and then his face lit up as he realised the pain in his bladder had gone...and he could walk and run again! He was very active yesterday and today, running around giggling and enjoying being able to move again. It was a long month for him, with ongoing random pain which meant he was pretty much inactive for a month. He is still a bit wobbly and needs to gain back his strength and mobility, but it is a delight to see him so happy again!

Today we had a dental clinic visit which was pretty much a waste of time as he clenches his mouth shut and screams for the duration... but somehow the technician managed to count his teeth.

Then we popped over the bridge to hang out with extended family in Devonport - it's always lovely to hang out and just enjoy the company, see the cousins playing together whilst enjoying the summer weather. We also were very grateful for some bags of clothes for Sam from a friend, that he has had fun trying on since we arrived home.... Sam loves all things Sesame Street, spotted this one and put it on.... I find it hilarious that the boy with gastro-intestinal failure who has never eaten food chooses this t-shirt - Too funny!

So after a rather tumultuous wintery few months, it feels like Sam has turned a corner and we can all relax a little and laugh a little deeper. X

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