Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two more sleeps... and a UTI!

So in 2 more sleeps our girls are VERY excited about getting on that plane and heading off for a 'Sam Free' Holiday - read, 'no limitations, clock watching, interruptions, hospital, health visitors, parents attention etc et al'..... I am so excited too, but Sam has been not 100% this past week and today we got the results back from a very suspect urine sample that I dropped in to Starship on Monday.

Sam is growing a bacteria that 'on paper' seems to be resistant to most oral antibiotics - it's a new bug for him and it needs treating.  Our great Nurse Specialist realises that our trip to Australia is important for the girls, so has opted to give us one oral antibiotic that may work to clear it, but if not, it will keep Sam from getting unwell with the infection and hopefully time to get to Australia and back before an admission is needed.

Clearly if he gets unwell when we are away the amazing team that will be here will not hesitate to do what is appropriate at the time..... and for that reason I am actually very peaceful to still go.  I am learning to trust my God given gut instinct as so often it's been right when it comes to Sams health.  Many other times I've had a gut dread that something was really wrong and I've stuck to my guns (stubborness is one of my strengths/weakness depending on perspective!) and I've been glad I had as something has been wrong - this time I have every confidence that he will be well loved and cared for by the nurses moving in to our home, and that he is happy and well in himself.

We will miss him so terribly (well me probably much more than the others), but I am excited to hang with the girls and my husband - it will be amazing and weird all at once.

We will be praying for his nurse/s and kindergarten teachers and friends that will love him whilst away, for this bacteria to respond to the medicine we have access to so that a hospital admission is not needed before next Friday (!) and for our girls tanks to be filled up to overflowing!

The girls are hoping I won't embarrass them too much on scary rides and that they get to hold a koala - ahhh the joys of childhood!

Much love X S

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