Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post Op

Hi, so Sam had his surgery yesterday morning. It seemed to go well and the surgeons were happy with the join. They did note the distal loop was quite narrow and had an unusually high amount of mucous, which is normal for his condition. Post Op he was his usual iritable self and required oxygen for 12 hours - this took coersion, wrestling, threats, bribes, swaddling and strong tape to keep either the mask or prongs on his face.  He only required a couple of doses of morphine, but is having regular pamol and anti vomitting meds.

Today we were hoping for bottom sounds, but none. Hr has been in pain and irritable and needig to vomit alot. We decided to empty his stomach (easy to do by pulling back a syringe in his G tube). We drew back 340 mls of dark brown goop. An hour later another 130 mls. A surgical review was called as this is not normal.  They felt the stomach contents could have been some old blood from surgery, but also quite faecally. So at 8.30 tonight a portable xray machine came into his room and took some xrays - sounds simple enough, except Sam needed to lie on his side for 10 mins before... So I had a most unpleasant 10 mins holding a screaming writhing 18.5 kg boy. Thankfully he is quick to forgive and forget and a few mins later he calls to me, 'mum i love you'. Such a sweet boy!

There are a few ideas on the table: could be a blockage caused by surgery and the blockage needs cleared by surgery; a section of the bowel has no muscle so movement stops when it gets to this chunk; or it is actually blocked by a pea of hard poop/mucous whih an enema could resolve.

We dont know, tonight they dont know, Sam doesnt know ..... So we sleep tonight praying for God to  do another great work as he knows all.

Sleep well

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Anonymous said...

So glad the op has gone ahead....keeping everything crossed its all solved with an enema. Been thinking about you all over the last week. Take care. Love Paul, Gemma, Abbie, Lewis, and Jacob x