Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Crazy Week Ahead

On June 3 Candace will wake excited and ready for her 11th birthday!

On June 3 Samuel will attend kindergarten for the day then head into Starship for admission to the surgical ward at 4pm.

On June 4 Sam will have surgery to reinstate his ilieostomy bag, aka his poop bag.

On June 5 we will have a family birthday party for Sam in hospital after school because on ...

June 6 Sam will have his 5th birthday.... In Starship 🎂

On June 6 Candace will have her birthday party at home with 5 little friends.

Sam is telling people he is getting his poop bag back and he understands he is to have another surgery. The timing is unfortunate but if not this coming week it would have to be delayed until August, so this is best for Sam and his overall well being.

Candace has mostly had chaotic birthdays since Sams arrival, and this year they were to have a combined party - her idea as she adores Sam. As he will be in hospital the party will happen without Sam, and means Candace can be celebrated on her own.

Although this week has a surgery in store and the sadness and tension that brings, we are truly amazed to have a five year old Sam in our family.  He is one amazing little guy that we love to bits, he brings so much joy and pleasure to us and we hope and pray for great progress for him in his new year.

I have a zillion things on my 'to do' list so must head off to start them.

We would love your prayers for Sams surgery on Wednesday.  Often bugs are stirred up by the surgery and he can have a rough time post op with bacterial infections and pneumonia type symptoms after an aesthetic, so we would love for this surgery to be straight forward so that his 5th birthday on Friday can be almost fun for the wee guy.



The Doughertys said...

We'll be thinking of you and hoping that on June 7 you will be able to relax a little and have time to sit and enjoy your miracle. Happy birthday for this week Candace. Love you all. Fi and team

Anonymous said...

What an exciting week with all the happenings...may you be able to be still in it to enjoy the blessings GOD has given you amongst all the other happenings. Happy birthday to all having one. Congratulations Francis and Shirley for having the
blessings that GOD has given you.

McLay family :)

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well with the op and that Sam had a great birthday. Love Paul, Gemma, Abbie, Lewis, and Jacob x