Monday, May 5, 2014

Home again!

This will be a very quick update! The new school term started today, so the girls are happy to be back in routine, even if a bit disappointed that the fun of the last two weeks of holidays is over. Sam got the all clear to stop his IV antibiotics and that we could be discharged! Oh how fab was that.... so after waiting for IV omeprazole to get sourced etc, 5 hours later we were leaving Planet Starship where I hope to quickly adjust to being back home as a family of 5 - it has been nearly 8 weeks, as we were last in the house together on March 10. Sam is actually quite hard work as he is so happy to be in Starship (non stop TV, can be naughty and people laugh with/at him etc..), but coming home to zero tolerance and realising that he is not the centre of the universe and we are a family of five and we won't tolerate you calling people 'stupid' etc.... so parenting is a challenge - more so with a chronically ill child as you are always second guessing if some of the behaviour is linked to pain or anxiety etc. Anyway tomorrow I will head to kindergarten with him and he is very much looking forward to seeing his friends. I escaped to Rotorua for the weekend with the girls and Francis, to be his support crew as he undertook his first every marathon - he did fabulous and it was such a nice getaway. NZ really is beautiful and after 6 weeks in hospital (looking at Auckland CBD and getting cabin fever) the drive was so stunning as the autumn trees with all their hues punctuated the landscape - it was so nice to see farmland and animals and grass and breath fresh air! He is home on total TPN - 7 nights a week. He is not having any nutrition via his GJ, but is continuing to poop liquid nappies through the night. I am giving him daily IV omeprazole, which will hopefully mean that the 'return home then 2 days later vomit blood' sagas will not happen again. We await a call from the hospital once the gastro team have spoken with the surgical team to see what the plan and timings are for Sam. At this stage we are just going to hang at home as long as we can! X Shirl

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The Doughertys said...

So neat to see you guys and great to hear of your awesome time on the marathon Francis, truly brilliant. We hope and pray that you settle into home life quickly and that you wipe that boy into line. We love you guys and think you are incredible. Fi xxx