Sunday, June 8, 2014

i AM 5!

Yes Sam is 5!  He had a quiet subdued day, due to being less than 48  hours post op... but he was loved and spoilt by the care team and had lots of visitors!  He had a play dough racing car cake and his room was filled with balloons and streamers.

The surgeons are really pleased they have given him back his ilieostomy as the large bowel was full of festering gluggy bile that was not going anywhere - hence his large round tum and very little excrement making its way out. He now looks so skinny without his bulbous girth!  The small bowel was not looking damaged as they thought it may have been - which is a real plus.  As I write he is now about 24 hours into GJ feeds - I think he is up to 15 mls/hr and every 12 hours they are increasing this by 2 mls.  So this is really good news, as it means we can hopefully start decreasing his TPN shortly, which means his liver can take a bit of a break!

His pain has been well managed, but the part of his lung that always seems to become compromised post anaesthetic has collapsed again and he is still on oxygen, having chest physio input and on IV antibiotics as he was spiking some temps.  It seems the team got onto this early with xrays on Friday that confirmed this.

He is tired - having big naps each afternoon, but now he is back to his warm loving funny self, albeit with lots of wires and tubes!  Francis has been with Sam all week so I could be with the girls sorting their birthday/school needs etc.  It's worked well, but with the new week ahead in hospital some more creative logistics required to keep us all afloat.  Jas is off to a week long sports camp tomorrow, so she is very excited about that!  I leave you with some photos of our big birthday and surgery week ... oh and he got a few more cars for his birthday, so he is most pleased!  A girl can never have enough shoes, A Sam can never have enough cars!

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Anonymous said...

Would love to hug you big 5! You are a beautiful boy. Congratulations Sam! Lor Family