Thursday, June 19, 2014

To the pentouse

So it is 15 days post op and Sam is still in. The surgeons are happy that all is well and nothing more needs their input for now, so we moved from surgical ward up to the gastro ward -26b. We happen to have scored an ensuite (I can't find the complimentary bar tho!). Although the surgery has fixed Sams large tum, his small bowel needs to recover from the stress it's had over the past two months. It has been cooperation nicely and is now tolerating 23 ml/hr of milk feeds. Feeds are being increased 3 mls every 12 hrs. In the last 48 hrs we have been pleased to see his ilieostomy outputs are now looking and smelling like faecal matter and not just liquid. His gastro outputs are still too high and variable to consider heading home, but the H word has been murmured for possibly early next week - well that was mentioned at 5 pm today, but it is now 9.45 pm and we await the on-all Dr as Sam has just spiked a 39+ temp 😓😳😥😪😩 - That is 5 distressed icons representing 5 Davy's who are really wanting to all be together again. Hopefully whatever is brewing can be found and treated quickly.

Off to hold my boys hand and rub his tum - I will remind him of this when I am old and frail and roles are reversed - he doesn't owe me a thing, but I am sure it will bring me as much pleasure then as now. X S


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Sam. Praying for God to clear any infection or irritation from your body so you can all be home together soon.

The Doughertys said...

Havent logged in for a while and am hoping that by now Sam is home and you are all together. Hope J loved the sports camp, Im sure it would of been awesome. Hope you are all ok and hanging in there. Much, much love to you all. Fi and family xxxx