Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A very sick little boy!

Normally the blog is quiet cos we've been too busy having family fun.... the past month it's been quiet cos we have been hectic with hospital admissions and back to back appointments. I write this from 26b with Sam lying beside me with oxygen prongs in his nose as he has a chest infection,  a double uti (both urinary tracts are sludge), and a quiet and run down little man.

Last week we had an unexpected Mon - Thurs admission for an ongoing uti, that just won't budge. We went home on Friday and had daily amikacyin infusions, but still his urine looks like cheese. But it was great to be at home for a few days as my sister and her family were up and we had lots of fun hanging out with them....

But Saturday his sniffle turned into a cold, then overnight at 2.30am I nearly threw him in the car and raced into hospital, but decided to try ventolin to see if that would alleviate his coughing, fast breathing and hard work.... and it did..... although he required 3 hourly ventolin.  Yesterday he got worse very quickly in the afternoon so we got into the Emergency Dept at 6.45pm, up to the ward around midnight and he had hourly ventolin.  He was not most pleased to have a mask put on his face every hour, so it was rugby holds from me getting hit and kicked in the process.... but he fell off to sleep each time saying, 'I love you Mum'.  And I love him dearly, which is why I rugby hold him willingly each hour as his lungs need it.  This morning he was on 2 litres of O2 and very tired.... I was on 2 litres of strong coffee and very tired.....

I went to work and Sam went to sleep - he had a 4 hour nap and woke much happier.  He is currently on 1 litre of O2, having ventolin 2 - 3 hourly and having abx for a uti that won't budge.

He has had a uti for the best part of 7 weeks now - only off abx for a couple of days before needing to be back on again.  Unfortunately it has now been decided that probably it is an anatomical issue so the surgical team are reviewing past ultrasounds and seeing if they can see anywhere there could be a pocket of pus lurking, or a partial kidney stone that is causing a partial blockage.  This could be why bacteria builds up, as the urine is passed slowly through a small gap and/or bacteria latching on to some residue.  Sam continually pushes down like he is trying to wee, but he isn't actually weeing due to his 2 manual drains.... so we are really hoping that the various teams can spot what the problem could be.  He has been on a strong antibiotic which the bugs should be sensitive to, but he sadly has become resistant so it's not having the desired effect.

There have been many days I was going to blog after some bizarre hospital escapade, but decided that my frustrated ramblings amidst fatigue were of zero benefit to anyone.

Today instead I am deciding to be thankful and her is a little list:  I am so thankful for a great boss that has employed me knowing that I will be unreliable; a fabulous work mate that picks up the pieces when said unreliability rears its ugly head; 2 fabulous daughters that performed at dance festivals last week amidst a hospital admission and then helped me load the car last night for another admission - all the while hugging and kissing their dear little bro whom they adore; for a fab friend that has booked me a foodbag for next week (5 meals show up in the form of ingredients and a recipe card); multiple other fab friends that are picking up and sorting the girls/meals and my wonderful husband who too is tired and puts up with me when my tiredness turns to grumpy in the luxury of home; for having access to medicine and skilled kind people for Sam; to be able to be a christian without fear of beheading like currently happening in Iraq; for fresh water to drink that I didn't have to walk 2 hours to find....and I could go on and on...   It is good for me to force myself to be thankful when so often I want to grump and moan - the frustrations are real and circumstances are out of my control but my reaction to them is totally in my hands.

Tomorrow Sam is due to have an ultrasound to try and spot anything in his plumbing - it is not going to be lovely for him, so I will be here to wrestle with him, knowing that the outcome of potential information to help him is worth the temporary discomfort of the procedure.  I wish I could apply these lessons so easily to my own life (exercise for eg!).

Anywho, I am needing some shut eye before the next ventolin attack.

Oh I funny saying from Sam.  We were talking about a friend that was pregnant.  Sam comments, 'I was in your tummy wasn't I Mum?'.  I said, 'Yes', then before I thought I said, 'How did you get out?'.  He thinks then says, 'I climbed up a ladder and out your mouth'.

And on that simple and neat take on life I leave you - may we all see the simple things in life and enjoy them.



Anonymous said...

Gosh. What a month. Lets hope they can get some answers about the UTI
Love Raewyn and Andy

The Doughertys said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are taking up residency in that place. Ha Big Sam, can you get that wee bug to climb the ladder and get on out of there. We love you all and would love to have the girls whenever you need us to. Much love from us all. xxx

Anonymous said...

Been praying for you. Am teary eyed upon your requests. tis true I thought all was quiet on the western front because things were going so well, it was my hope! We will continue to lift you all up, especially little Sam Bam...Hugs love.
Anna from Lao....

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I'm so sorry to hear this, but am continually inspired by your godly attitude. You all amaze me and I thank God for you! Will be praying. Love, Karen PNDU