Monday, September 29, 2014

A New Week

Day one of school holidays and we are enjoying no clock watching and doing unexciting things like grocery shopping and digging in the garden.

Today NZ Herald started a fundraising campaign for Starship Children's Hospital to upgrade tired aging operating theaters.  We were interviewed a few weeks ago  and a photographer popped in to capture the boy in action.

The finished article is in the paper today and online - slightly different articles.

Today Sam is dancing around the living room and jumping on Jasmine and being an annoying little brother for Candace - so he's all very normal really!

We have hospital outpatients on Thursday for surgical and gastro. His uti is still festering so we continue to do 4 hour bladder washouts, which are keeping the sludge minimal, but not eradicating it..... If it buys us time and he is well we will continue on!

Check out .... I don't have the link, I guess u just search on Starship or Samuel Davy or Tired old mother might do it....

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