Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Champagne not apple juice

The colour of urine should be light like champagne, not dark like apple juice..... Am pleased to say that after 5 days home Sam has champagne coloured urine, without any debris in it. At 3pm I gave him his last dose of IV abx, both urine samples look great and Sam has had a fab 5 days charging around.

We now embark on a week of nightly gentamicin infusions to sit in Sams bladder for ten minutes, and twice daily bladder washouts.  We really hope and pray that we are able to keep his uti's away - we would love him to have a long stint at home.

He physically is getting really strong and he doesn't walk but jogs/shuffles/rushes everywhere. He also shouts and talks non stop.... We are working on the 'inside voice' technique at the moment... He has a ways to go.

No matter where he is shuffling or shouting you just can't help but smile - he is a delight and brings so much laughter into our house.

Oh his great achievement this week is he has finally decided to wear big boys undies! Due to ops/ incontinence etc he has been in nappies, but as all his outputs come out interesting places he can stay dry and clean as he can't be toilet trained.  So he is delighted to tell all and sundry of his achievement - sometimes he feels a visual aid might help understanding, so we are also training him as to what is appropriate!

I took a call on Friday afternoon from the Herald newspaper, telling of their delight that they had reached their target of raising $150,000 for Starship.  People are so kind and generous. Thank you NZ for caring.



The Doughertys said...

Big boys undies, go Big Sam. Stoked you are doing life at home, the simple things in life we take for granted. You will be able to come down this way for a holiday then?? Much love

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous boy Sam is! Love it!
Karen xx

Us said...

Am hoping and praying that no word from you means that all is well. Much love, thinking of you all. Fi and Col