Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Crazy Month

So it is Saturday evening, Dec 6 and our family is scattered far and wide. Sam was admitted to Starship on Wednesday due to a weird angry area around his central line (see pic)

It just appeared on Monday as a pink area and then got worse and so I sent off this photo to Starship and we got the call to come in.  Sam has been totally well and happy with no other clinical symptoms.  He was started on IV Abx and as of today it looks like it is starting to improve.  Sam was at school for his first morning visit, as he is starting school next year.  Get a load of the cuteness in his school uniform:
He was so proud of his uniform and when asked in Starship by his consultant what the H stood for, he said, 'H is for Handsome... long stick, long stick, twig!'.   He doesn't go to Handsome school, but Howick Primary School and if you get your finger and draw a 'long stick', then another 'long stick' in the air, joining them with a 'twig' you will see that he had soaked up his letter of the day and loved learning.

He was so happy to be showing his uniform off to all the staff at Starship.  It is no small miracle that he is wearing a school uniform and tears of thankfulness brim in my eyes just thinking about that.   

Sadly with him in hospital, I was with him during the week and Francis is with him for the weekend. He could have escaped for a few hours today but I woke with vomitting and have been bed bound today and the girls have kindly been whisked away by friends to have a last minute planned fun weekend.  

So I am home alone and it is very quiet...... and lovely!

On Thursday evening we left Sam in hospital with Uncle Eddie having a 'boys night', and we went to our girls prize giving.  We are so proud of our girls - it was a real delight to see them both receive awards this year.  Jasmine won the year 8 Public Speaking Cup and Candace won the Year 6 Trophy. Jasmine wrote her speech totally on her own back in August when we were in the midst of a hospital admission.  Often our hearts have ached at how we don't give the girls the time we would like to due to Sam, so it was a precious moment to see that they have done so well amongst a really tough year. We know that Sam is in the hands of his maker and on Thursday we were reminded again that the girls too have been looked after by God this year.  We are so grateful to the Elim School community that has watched out for them, that have been aware of their situation and for the many dear families that have loved and looked out for them and enabled them to flourish.  

Sam is to be reviewed again on Monday, but they are being very cautious about this as it's a strange thing that hasn't happened before.  The various swabs that have been sent to the lab have grown nothing of consequence, so in having a big change like this with unexplained cause, people are nervous to let us go home.  Sam has his Kindergarten prize giving on Wed and his last day on Thursday, so we really want to get him out for these celebrations.

We are all tired and weary from a busy few weeks, from Francis working abroad (been in Israel and Australia last few weeks), from me working (have loved being in a different stimulating environment) and hospital dropped in to the mix.  The last 6 weeks Sam has been at home has been lovely, albeit with one UTI that required IV abx for 7 days.  It's great to be able to do the meds at home, but it does put pressure on as have to watch the clock and keep to a tight schedule.  The alternative is hospital, so we work hard at keeping him at home, but it takes its toll on tiredness.

Summer is the hardest time of year - long days of sun and bbq's, but we have to stick to Sams regime and that is getting harder as he wants to be a part of running around and doing things, but we still have to fit in 14 and 16 hours of having him hooked up - there is no flexibility, so just deciding to do a family picnic or pop to the beach is out of the question.  Winter is easier because the weather is grotty and sitting at home with a DVD on is easier for keeping Sam (& girls) happy and his cares ticking over.  We are thinking about buying a caravan, so that we could have some flexibility to get away, if even just for a couple of days at a time - to have all of Sams supplies set up, with a fridge available is the only safe way for getting away..... so we are trawling Trade Me and trying to figure out how to make the most of the coming summer.

I leave you with a humourous story that, if you are having a down day, may just make you feel better about yourself!
A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I took the kids to church (Francis was in Israel).  10 mins into the service and the guy up the front said, 'turn around and say hi to those sitting around you and make some new friends'.  At this point the lady behind me taps me on the shoulder and says through a beaming smile, 'Oh it does warm my heart when I see Grandparents bringing their grand children to church - how old is your grandson?'.  I have to admit I was rather stunned/horrified/aghast at this and spluttered (possibly too vehemently), 'He is my son!'.  She may not have heard me over the laughter of my daughters!  I have to admit I have since purchased a new large tub of anti-aging eye cream, but I fear it is all a bit late - but I'm not going to give up to 'age' without a fight!

I leave you with a photo of Sam and his best buddy Caleb - he came for a play date and they were so cute!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers,
X Gran!


Anonymous said...

Tears and smiles. And no - you definitely don't need anti-ageing cream!
Sooooo good to meet up with all (minus Francis) - just wish it was longer/more relaxed.
Praying both you and Sam are on the mend again soon.
Karen xx

Anonymous said...

I think that lady needs her eyes checked!!
Bronwyn W

Anonymous said...

Well if you are Gran then I must be Great Gran!!!!! Oh deary me!!
You guys are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So great to hear of your girls achievements and so great seeing photos of Mr Handsome.
Lots of luv to you all
Margo xxxx