Monday, February 9, 2015

M is for Milestone, Miracles and Mmmm sandwiches!

I wrote this last Monday and the whirlwind that has followed, meant I have only just realised I didn't post it!  He has loved being at school and wakes excited squealing that he can go to school again! But I leave you with last Monday's ramblings....

See today was a pretty special day in our home - We lined up not two, but three kids for their 'day 1 of school' photo. This day Sam too was in the photo aged 5 years, 6 months and 27 days old.

It was momentus - no nerves or pulling of heart strings as last child leaves the nest, just total pure delight and wonderment that this day was happening.

This journey has been one of many miracles - where the unexpected did happen and the expected often didn't. Unsure if he would survive birth, pull through after operations and infections, uncertain if he could learn to walk .... And the list goes on.  Today as he ran across the school courtyard my heart was full to bursting as the miracle ran in front of me.

'Mmmmm sandwiches' is what Sam said as he 'ate' his lunch sitting with all his new buddies. If you weren't paying attention you would swear he was eating. But tonight his Thomas the Tank Engine lunchbox is still full on the bench and he is hooked up to his two pumps for 14 hours. I smile at his creativity and courage to be just one of the kids doing normal stuff at school.

So a big day for us today - happy and tired and thankful.