Monday, April 13, 2015

Did you want Full Cream, Trim, Left or Right urine with that?

Ok, so I'm really hoping Francis is paying attention when he grabs the milk for his morning coffee! Check out the photo - even for us this is a new level of weird!

For the last 24 hours we have been collecting Sam's urine in these special bottles - one is his left kidney and one is his right - all labelled and tagged when I picked them up from Middlemore Hospital on Friday night with a chemical and we've been adding Sam's urine to it.  They need to be refrigerated until they are dropped in to the lab, which will happen when we head to Starship at 10 this morning.  As weird as it is, it is also fascinating and has been cool to see my daughters figure out that actually the science they are learning at school has practical application.  The contents of these bottles will be checked for volume and also levels of various minerals.  Hopefully the info gleaned from this experiment will help the Drs figure out what has caused his renal calculi (aka kidney stone).  It could be something as simple as too much calcium in his TPN, which they could change or fix with medication.  So in two hours we will be on the road to Starship.... with a trip via Columbus Coffee for a coffee!

Yesterday I saw unconditional love and I post a photo of it below:

Sams sees past the red, past the groaning as I stretch out my muscles, past the sweat and just came and gave me the biggest kiss/hug ever..... funnily, he was the only one in the family that was able to be snapped doing this! I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before he too starts rating the outside as more important than the inside, so I'll just enjoy it whilst I can!

This morning I read of unconditional love: Psalm 139, 17 - 19, 'How precious are your thoughts about me, O God!  They are innumerable!  I can't even count them; they outnumber the grains of saind! And when I wake up in the morning you are still with me!  So I can't guarantee that all things will go my way today, but knowing that I wake up with the God of the universe having me in his sights, floods me with confidence, peace and hope for the day ahead.

Right, off to do my morning run before getting ready for Starship.... although I just want to kind of loiter about the kitchen and see how Francis copes with making his coffee this morning! 

Have a great day!

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