Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A major speed hump!

Sam's sputum has grown pseudemonas and ecoli - it's in his lungs, which is not good news. It means  yesterday he started a week of strong antibiotics - cephtazidim (IV tds) and amikaycin (IV once day).  He is also having twice daily physio input.  The plan is that he is hit hard by abx for a week (or two if needed) and then will head home with oxygen and a compressor so we can administer daily IV nebulisers for another month!.  This is not great news as Sam hates face masks, let alone one that is hissing and spitting moist steam at him..... but need must go above want, so we are working hard with the team and lots of ideas are flowing - ipad with ear-phones/music etc...

Today Jasmine stayed the day with Sam in hospital - am so proud of big sister offering to hang out with him.  Her verdict on the day, 'boring, not very exciting and Sam was a pain' - sounds like a perfect day in paradise with 2 siblings!

Tomorrow is Francis' birthday so Sam has created a birthday card, which is covered in cars and roads...no surprises there!

The above is disappointing, but do-able.  Sam continues to be happy and asks for his daily wheelchair wars with the kids on the ward - they have fun zooming the halls. Courageous little men making lemonade from lemons.

I leave you with a picture of the boy blowing bubbles to try to wash his car - covert chest physio that must be done several times a day to get those lungs clear!  We will work at washing all of Sams cars if it helps!

Sleep well.

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Anonymous said...

You have an amazing family Shirley and I thank God for you and how you deal with all that life throws at you! I pray tomorrow is a special day for you all as you celebrate Francis' Birthday.
Love and hugs,