Friday, July 24, 2015

End of another week....

... and we are still in with vague murmurings of discharge.

A brief summary, cos no energy to waffle (hooray you all shout!)

1.  Still needs 02 at night
2.  Concern as to why - is it a more sinister thing?
3.  Want to do a heart ECG - need to rule out blood flow issues
4.  Monday morning will do another chest xray
5.  Based on point 3 & 4 results depends on next course of action.
6.  CAT scan required on his lungs in next few weeks.
7.  Oxygen being ordered for home (takes 48 hours to organise) so that would take us to Wed discharge at earliest.
8.  Home compressor for nebuliser has been ordered.
9.  Francis and I need training on how to do antibiotic nebulisers

The weekend ahead involves the usual netball, hospital zig-zagging, painting the bathroom and family celebration on Sunday, all hopefully with long nights of sleep thrown in.  I now know why they use sleep deprivation as a torture technique.........  we hope you have a nice weekend.... 

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