Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Yes we made it home with bags of new medicine and supplies, multiple trips into the car with 'stuff'.  Sam made school for half a day and then 'home'...... 'home' as in where we all live, but 'home' is currently a minor building site with no toilet or bath or internal doors and lots of mess!..... we decided to make the most of having Sam in hospital and renovate the bathroom - it seemed like a great idea at the time.... and actually has been just the right time to do it as we had access to hospital ablutions!  But the project ran a few days over due to the usual hiccups that come with moving walls and plumbing.....

We have two new toilets in our lounge, in addition to the shower, bathroom door, vanity and cabinet.... so our home is total chaos, but its nice to all be back in it, even if there is grumbling from some quarters as we have to trudge in the rain to the caravan on the back lawn for some relief!  It's just like the 1930's having an outhouse!

Enough of our ablution issues... I end with a fabulous story about a very kind hard working man that came to our house at 8:10 pm tonight.

This morning I was called at 8am and told Sam's nebuliser compressor unit had been ordered and would be delivered today.  At 5pm I called my contact to say there hadn't been a delivery or a phone call and could they look into it.  They called back to say the delivery guy was really busy but would be at our place about 7.  At 7:45 he called to apologise and say he was 30 mins away.   He arrived at our door apologetic and explained he had had 8 elderly patients that he was delivering things for and he got delayed sorting out their beds/equipment and that it took longer as many of them were very unwell.  He nearly called to say he would drop it in tomorrow, but decided not to.  He had one delivery after us and then he would head home to his family, ready for a 6am start tomorrow!  He was the nicest guy and when I thanked him he was so gracious and caring and I'm sure he isn't paid top dollar, but worked hard knowing what he does matters..... and it totally does matter to us.  

We hooked Sam up to his new equipment and we hope and pray that his lungs benefit from the drugs he inhaled, and will be inhaling for the next 3 months, twice a day...... and we pray a blessing and hope on the delivery guy for sacrificing time at home with his family, for ours.

Sleep well X

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