Monday, July 20, 2015

It's been a good day!

Sam had his 30 min physio session this morning (see blurry photos below) followed by a chest x-ray.  The good news is that the xray showed a marked improvement, so it was decided Sam didn't need a scope or wash out - so no GA to recover from either.


We are delighted by this and so glad for his progress.  This afternoon he ran around lots but then was exceptionally stubborn and refused his afternoon physio.... so as I entered his room returning from work, Sam said, 'hi Mum... I wasn't a good boy this afternoon!'.  I commend him for his honesty!

This afternoon the girls hung out with him and had wheelchair races and we ate as a family in his little room - nice to catch up on the girls first day of school.

They are all heading home now and the plan is that I will sleep here and maybe Sam will get to school for a chunk of the day tomorrow.  He needs to be back for his 4pm meds.  He is very excited about getting back to school and we are hoping that parents are being responsible and not sending their kids to school with green runny noses!

Right, the handover nurses just coming and I need to do Sams 'bubbles' before he gets to sleep.

X Shirley

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