Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A busy time ahead...

Bradley Cooper is helping raise funds for Starship... he just doesn't know it!

Peak for Life, is a local gym that has got on board with our fundraising goals and are helping promote events through their members. The gym owner, Mel, is all about making the most out of life by being healthy.  Her emphasis is on nutrition and exercise and life balance, so it's a really good fit, as Starship hospital is all about nutrition and making the best quality of  life for the kids of NZ.

Girls Night out!
22nd October 8pm

Held at the Monteray, get your girls together and come along to watch Burnt with a glass of wine.

$25 per person, all money raised goes to Starship

Peak for Life Challenge day
18th October 9am - 11am

Held at the studio for charity, you will be in teams to find clue, tasks, challenges along the way for 2 hours.

$20 per person, all money raised goes to Starship

So life is busy with longer training runs and sorting out things for the above. 

This week has been total fun for Sam with him meeting many of his cousins for the first time. His Gore cousins have been staying, as has my sister from Napier and her crowd. Tomorrow my Aussie Brother and family arrive, so we are all excited about that as no one has met Levi, the youngest member of my extended family.  So a day at the zoo was a big outing for Sam today, but he mostly coped ok with it.  Lots of play and trampoline wrestling and delightful antics with his cousins has been fabulous.  Tonight there was the usual 'concert' put on by the nieces and nephews (I remember subjecting my parents/family to them), and it was hilarious and lots of special memory moments.

Sam had daily nurse visits until yesterday for antibiotic infusions,so just a normal week for him.  It is hard fitting in all his fluid hours with him wanting to charge around with cousins that can have a longer bedtime, so that is a bit of a juggle and something that I am always conscious of.  

So all kids are tired for sure, and another fun filled day of activities tomorrow - going to see the play, 'The Velveteen Rabbit', courtesy of Make a Wish Foundation and a picnic at Devonport.

So the holidays have been great for Sam and I don't think he is missing school at all, as too much going on here!

X S 

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