Thursday, October 15, 2015

Term 4 and back to school!

Highlights of School holidays.  Camped in our caravan with a bunch of friends (new and old), Day at the Zoo (amazing!!), lots of cousins to play with! Special family meals on both sides of families - food, laughter, catching up and celebrating life.  Bee got a makeover as Sam discovered false eyelashes in the makeup aisle of Kmart... he brought them up to me and said, 'can I buy these for Bee, he doesn't have any'.  I couldn't say no and for $5 that was a very fun piece of entertainment and joy to us all.

Lowlights: 2 days in hospital in week one due to a UTI and also a day in week two.  Sam continues to be on antibiotics having daily visits for IV infusion.  Also being hounded by his sisters and finally giving up - the pigtails tell it all - photo to follow!

Yesterday Sam got a haircut and looks much more handsome - still has curls!

Next Tuesday Sam will be admitted to Starship for a planned procedure under the Respiratory Team. He will have a GA and they will scope and biopsy his lungs.  They need a base line when he is well, to see what is going on in his lungs.  They want to also see if the pseudemonas is clearing from his lungs - we hope it is due to his twice daily gentimycin nebulisers, but next week we will know more. They will also xray his chest.  2 nights ago I ran an overnight oximeter test on him (oxygen/heart monitor) and the results were very positive - with more information they can make better decisions on his care.

In just over 2 weeks time Team Sam will be running the Auckland Half Marathon.  Whilst the rest of the world is glued to the Rugby World Cup, a few thousand of us will be plodding over the course. I've really enjoyed training this year, even though I started training late due to Sams long admission in July.  Each day when I think of 20 other things I'd rather be doing than training, I think of Sam and kids like him who have no choice but to have difficult procedures done to them... and then it doesn't seem that hard afterall and my internal whinging is kicked to touch as I realise how fortunate I am to have good health to be able to run.
Meet Aunty Sarah - The fastest and fittest member of Team Sam

Check us out at:Team Sam.  We are so very grateful for the generous people that have come to events we have run or donated money.  On Saturday we will be at the Otara Markets selling clothes at a stall.

So life is full as we focus the next 2 weeks on fundraising for Starship and running our race well.  We are very grateful for each other and looking forward to the spring/summer ahead... 

Best wishes

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