Thursday, November 26, 2015

Does Starship have a Tooth Fairy?

Today Sam went to theatre for an elective - 3 different teams were organised to do their bits under the one GA - brilliant co-ordination by Sams fabulous Nurse Specialist as this was no mean feat to sort!

We went down at 1 pm and each team wanted to draw on his body where/what they were doing - Sam wasn't having a bar of it as he has heard me countless times tell off his sisters for drawing on themselves.... so after some convincing he wrote his name on my arm and then the Drs wrote on him (arrows to indicate where!).  The permanent marker should wear off in a few days.... sort of my Starship tattoo!

The urology team had the first slot and they were putting a teeny camera into all things urological - penis, ureter, mitrofanof, bladder and taking a look and a measure to assess how everything was. They will now assess and make a plan for what is the best for Sam and his drainage and probably he will have a surgery booked in shortly for that.... kind of the 'cruel to be kind' approach to parenting, which I wish we didn't have to do!  If a re-jig of his plumbing helped him not to get back to back uti's that would be fabulous, but some short term pain to be had in the process.

Then the radiologist jumped in and took a biopsy of a pocket of unexplained fluid sitting between his lung and chest wall, then the dentist popped in and gave him a total oral overhaul!  His teeth now look white, except the two that are sitting in tub on the table beside me!  He has had two wobbly teeth for a while, but as he doesn't eat they weren't coming out  anytime soon so they decided to take them out.

He looks cute without them, but he is hard to understand, but that could also be due to the slurring post operative!

For the first time ever he woke up not violent!  He was still shouting at me to 'go away, go home, I don't like you Mummy', but he wasn't struggling or throwing things.  The anaethaetists thought long and hard what to do to try and improve things, so whatever they did seemed to work at treat!

He has been sleeping on and off and as nothing invasive or surgical happened, we should get home tomorrow.  He will be sore, as his gums took a hammering and I'm guessing all the other parts that were poked and prodded will be a bit sore, so we are happy to stay in and his pain to be monitored.

So we look forward to hearing the outcome of the procedures with a view to improve his quality of life.

He looks so peaceful, our brave brave little man.

X Shirley

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Anonymous said...

Hi - just wondering how Samuel is doing - haven't seen any updates for a while. Hope all ok. Paul, Gemma, Abbie, Lewis & Jacob x x x x x