Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Yesterday we waited most of the day to head to theatre, but at about 3.30pm were told it wouldnt be happening - but we would be early on the list this morning.

I had been prepping Sam about how I needed him to be brave and that screaming and shouting upset all the kids on the ward that could hear him. He understood he needed to be brave.... So he made a deal with me and we walked down together hand in hand ... Him in his 'Shark' dressing gown ... And me in my clothes (sadly I dont have a mathing gown, but be assured if I did I would have worn it today with great joy if it would have helped Sam).

Hr came back with his left arm bright pink with iodine, as they had tried to find a vein, but gave up and found a usable vein in his right arm. So he currently has a pink arm and a white arm, as it is bandaged to secure the line.

He woke relaxed and happy and it was amazing! He has had a lovely afternoon and looks forward to escaping home for a few hours tomorrow. The plan is for discharge on Friday - roll on the weekend!



Team Tauranga said...

Have just caught up on Sammy, far out, lots happening. Boy oh boy its tough stuff and you do an amazing job of blogging it all. Ditch TA and go for Author I say. You are incredible how you find time to write amongst all the goings on, we love that you do that. Love you guys heaps and will be praying for you tonight. Much love from Tauranga xxx

brendan said...

You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you for the blog. It's an inspiration.