Tuesday, June 7, 2016

See you in 6 months!

Hi everyone, as promised, some photos, which really don't capture any of the fun that we had as my photography skills aren't very fabulous!  But the first photo shows that Sam got hold of my camera and was upskilling his 'selfie' shots.

Birthday Dressing Gown all the way from the UK!

Fireman Sam Birthday cake

Watching Minions with Big Teen Candace

And Netball has started again!!

I AM bigger than my 4 year old cousin!

And the final shot of Sam in the car today with his new birthday toolkit for fixing the car!

Now I am going to hibernate for the winter and I will thaw again ready for a blog at Christmas - see you in six months!

X Shirl

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Doughertys said...

Kirst in shorts in winter, go you good thing, and Sam so excited to be at netball, had to laugh at that photo. Loved the pics. Thanks Shirl for being you. Love you guys so much. Have a great hibernation xxxxx