Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Week begins

On Saturday night Jasmine (15 year old daughter) phoned me from Starship, as Sam had something to say to me.  This little quiet sad voice came on the line, complete with little whimper and sniffle....'I miss my friends Mummy'.  The last 2 weekends Sam has been a bit flat.  During the week his room is bustling with literally dozens of medical visits every day.  Weekends are quite the opposite.  Skeleton staff pop in, but there are hours without interruptions.  This break is bliss for us as care givers, as life in the 'fish bowl' can be exhausting, but it is quite the opposite for Sam, as the interruptions help him get through the hours in his bed and hooked up to machines.   I think behind Sams comment and sniffles, he was actually saying, 'I have had enough and just want to go home'.  

He is a remarkable little boy, who has endured much.  

He did have a variety of visitors in the weekend - cousin, Nana, Aunties and a special friend from Tauranga - I only managed to snap one of them!

Over the weekend Sams Octreotide was stopped - this was the 24 hour medicine (given IV) which was used to help slow down the production of fluids in the lymphatic system.  His breathing has seemed to be fine since this change, but his ilieostomy outputs (liquid poo) has gone from around 500 ml - 1500 ml/24 hours.  Today I am sure this will be reviewed.  

Sam was giggling and chatting as I spoke with him last night and had perked up.  Sam has told me I need to bring in needle and thread and fix Bees nose - Bee is due for his third Rhinoplasty - the bees nose is hanging by a thread - literally been loved off!

We dare to hope that maybe Sam could come home by the end of this week?

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Sam Redmond said...

Hi Sam,
Do you know how boooooorrrrrrring my Fridays are without you??? Mrs Speight and Mrs Wolken try to keep me busy, but I MISS YOU! It's been too long! Big Sam. xxxxxxxxxxx :) :) :) ._. ._.