Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Day

The girls and I spoke to Sam today, as we didn't manage to get in - car in the workshop getting fixed. Sam was very happy to tell us all about the book he had read, which puzzles he had done and to ask the girls about their days.

He said he felt much better now he was back on IVN (Placebo affect after 1 night??) - whatever, we will take it!

I am figuring out the coming weeks and will try to get a couple of nights a week up in hospital to overnight with Sam.  I have been missing him and he has been missing me, so we are hoping to get a routine going.  Jasmine wants a Saturday night off (fair enough, she has done the last 4), so she can do some other things this weekend.

I leave you with a rather gorgeous piece of writing by Candace - our middle child.  She submitted an article to a support group that we belong to.  PNDU (Parenteral Nutrition Down Under), is a support and lobby group of Aussie and Kiwi families who live with IV and/or enteral feeds.  They are an inspiring bunch of people that share their personal journeys of life 'hooked up' , medical knowledge and insight, as well as fun and photos - It just is better doing life with others.  Every quarter 'Dripline' is produced and sent out to friends, families, hospitals and medical personnel around Aust/NZ - feel free to read it all, but flick to Page 5, for 'Siblings Perspective' and you will see a very cute curly haired loveable muffin and one of his gorgeous sisters.

Dripline - A Sibling Perspective

Happy reading.

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Anonymous said...

Shirley, I just read Candace's article. Wow! So powerful and profound. She's right; the rest of us sometimes forget that for every person going through illness, bereavement, whatever....there's a family that's affected too. Thank you, Candace. xx
Bronwyn W