Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rhinoplasty and a UTI

So the wait list time on the public health system for Bee Rhinoplasty was longer than we had hoped, so it was a case for private surgery.  The procedure was performed with a non sterile technique on the kitchen bench.  Scissors, needle and thread and stuffing were laid out beside the sleeping bee.  Sam was with Bee during the procedure and was involved in the choosing of the fabric - blue and white chevron won over standard red, pink and purple dots and orange.  Both Bee and Sam are delighted with the new look, although the stitching needs reinforcing already.  I am hoping this is not the start of a plastic surgery fetish, as Sam has already commented on whether I could do something with Bees lips.  I am working hard at teaching my kids that the outward appearance is so unimportant and temporary and that God is more interested in our hearts!  Bees heart is of course just fluff, but Sam very much finds him to be his best buddy and life long partner.  Tonight Sam is fast asleep with Bee in his usual position right beside him.

Francis brought Sam home yesterday for a few hours. Sams first job on arriving home was feeding his goldfish and then he ran and found his remote control car.  He always loves hanging out with his sisters and Candace did lego with/for him (Sam lost interest).  Sam had to be back ready for his hook up at 6.

Today Sam didn't get out of hospital, as he had had a rough night of pain and has a UTI brewing. Tonight he has needed Tramadol and a heat pack (on his back/renal area) in order to get to sleep.  We are back to doing 3 hourly bladder wash outs, which he asks for as they give relief, but are very painful to do and he screams in agony for the 30 seconds it takes to do it.  So he lives this life of courage, asking for something that he is aware will cause him intense pain, yet the outcome is worth it.  There is a life lesson right there for us all - this boy teaches me so much.

I am guessing that he won't get out tomorrow, as in the early days of a UTI his hand is constantly attached to his privates, and as this is totally fine and acceptable in the confines of Starship, it doesn't work in general life.  Hopefully once the pain dies down and bugs are getting the boot with the antibiotics, he will be able to get to school for a few hours each day..... we hold the plans of each day very lightly as they can change so very quickly.


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