Sunday, September 25, 2016


YES, Sam finally was discharged this morning!  He was so excited to be home knowing he can sleep here and that he can wake up in the morning when he likes and not at 6am when the 'blood lady' comes to do a finger prick blood test!

He has been home playing with his cars all afternoon.  Each time he finds a car he hasn't seen in a few months it's like Christmas! His girls are very excited to have him home and lots of cuddles and tickling and giggling going on.

Even though he was in hospital, last week he got out to school on Thursday and Friday for the afternoons.  Friday was the last day of school for two weeks as it is the start of the school holidays. When I took Sam in his teacher took me over to show me something very special and precious.  The children in Sams class have been working all term on making a quilt.  It is based on a book titled, 'A quilt for Kiri', by Don Long. This book is set in New Zealand. Kiri’s grandmother lives in the Cook Islands, and Kiri is devastated when she learns that her grandmother has died. When she receives a parcel in the post a few months later, Kiri is delighted to find her grandmother’s old quilt. She and her mother lovingly mend and wash the quilt, and it helps her and her father to remember grandmother and share special memories together.

Well the wall was covered in a beautiful quilt and the title of 'A quilt for Sam'.
Each child in his class has created a square and it is has their name on it.  The quilt has been beautifully quilted by parents/helpers in Sams class and will fit a single bed.  It means that when Sam is in hospital he can take his friends with him. In the middle of the quilt is 'Te Whare Akonga', which is Sams classroom name, which means 'The House of learning/pupils'. I was so touched by their kindness.  It has been a long hard winter and there is something so moving knowing that your boy is well loved.  Also on the wall there is a photo of Sam with the school Principal and the Deputy Principal. They both have visited Sam regularly over this admission and this photo was taken on Tuesday when they both popped in again.  So generous with their time and gifts - again, peoples kindness makes the weary heart glad!
It is school holidays and the girls have various plans to attend camps and head away with dear friends on adventures.  I hadn't planned anything, as planning requires energy and it's been kind of pointless planning things for a Sam in the mix.... Sam still has various clinics to attend - Friday is gastro clinic and next Monday he has to be back at Starship for another clinic.... so we will just go with the flow and enjoy each day and make it up as we go along.
I am so hopeful and prayerful that infections will be kept at bay, that his body copes with the feeds (& as we try to increase them over the coming week) and that home can be Mellons Bay and not Starship for a while!

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The Doughertys said...

Now that whole blog made my eyes water, Sam HOME, how awesome is that. Then that quilt, well, what an amazing class Sammy has, incredibly kind and thoughtful. Pray also with you that Sam will be able to LOVE his holidays and spend it with you at home. Love you x