Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Haircut, Home and Holidays!

Sam had a great week at home, during which it was school holidays and his cousins came to stay!

Sam isn't a very physical kid - I don't blame him, he has had tubes yanked out of him and at times of wrestling with his older sisters his 'poobag' has gone AWOL and the ensuing mess was foul.... so all of these extra attachments and the lessons from what happens when they go wrong, leaves Sam slightly reserved.  Well, to break that cycle, it seems throwing in a slightly older cousin that he is desperate to keep up with and hey presto, a 3 km walk is totally possible!  

It was such a fun few days with the cousins dancing to you tube clips on TV, heading up to the local flying fox, walking down to the beach, movies at Sylvia Park, Musical Statues and Hide'n'seek.  Sam laughed and giggled his way through the days, which was so fabulous considering how many solitary days he has spent quietly isolated in his hospital room this year.  So we had a fabulous week with Sam at home.

A haircut, or more accurately a trip to the Barber with Dad and he still has some curls left - looking good Sam!

This week he has been so happy to be back at school.  Today he had a clinic appointment at Starship and he has a couple each week for the next 3 weeks, so he will miss some school, but nothing compared to being a resident of the ship!

It is 'Book Week' at school, so tomorrow I will be on the scrounge from all and sundry that have successfully negotiated a book character dress up as I'm feeling a tad unmotivated to whip up a 'Cat in the Hat', which is what Sam is talking about.....  I will post a pic on Friday night to see what he managed to go as.

It is so so nice to have Sam sleeping happily next door in his room.  Every night before bed he asks for his bible story and then we pray and ask Jesus to help keep infections away and to keep him well so he can be at home and school...... that would be fab.

Sleep well. X

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The Doughertys said...

Sammy looks so grown up in the haircut photo. So stoked he stayed home for the hols. You would of been so happy Shirl. Love ya