Thursday, October 27, 2016

Momentus Day!

Sams PICC has not been used for around 4 weeks, but each week I have to pull back the heparin and discard it, flush the line with saline and lock it with strong heparin again.  This is done to keep the line patent.  It started to play up weeks ago and was hit'n'miss if it would draw back.  Well this past week it wouldn't push either.... so it was totally useless.

PICCs are normally a temporary line, but Sam has had it in for nearly 7 months! The risk of infection of a defunct line is quite high, so it needed to come out.

One of the reasons for keeping the PICC was in case he needed IV antibiotics for urinary tract infections.  The last 2 infections (which were 8 weeks apart) have both responded to oral antibiotics.  This is great news and the urologist said that with the bladder having been reduced so significantly, and to have all the pockets/flaps of floppy skin gone, the bacteria should be easier to deal to - and he seems to have been correct!

So I leave you with before and after shots of Sam with two arms - NO line in is arm.  NO lines in his chest, NO lines in his legs..... NO IV line at all!  My cynical side, that has celebrated other medical victories and then Sam has quickly gone down hill, would say don't get too excited.... well you know what, I just blimmen am!  I am going to celebrate and thank God for his goodness in Sams life..... in our lives.... to see the nurse slip this 20 cm 'worm' out of his vein was quite an amazing moment.  To see this little line that has both given him access to medicine and nutrition, and also been a reminder of his condition has gone!  It was so nice tonight to massage cream into his arm to soften the flaky skin which has always had a sterile dressing on it.  

With no line, Sam looks forward to a summer where he can splash in waves, jump in rock pools and not be worried about line infections..... 

Tonight I am so thankful the PICC, and all it represents has gone.... I am so grateful that his little body responded so well to oral antibiotics and I am so thankful that the frequency of his last uti's has dramatically reduced.  So so delighted and I am praying that uti's will continue to diminish....and that we can get enough calories into his body .... so nice to have such a change to a long hard 16 weeks in hospital.

Here is my little rock star getting ready for the home care nurse to do the deed!



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The Doughertys said...

Shirl Im so excited for you, it gave me shivers down my spine reading this blog. O for Awesome!!. Love you all. xxx