Monday, October 24, 2016

Too much fun with Family!

It has been a long weekend in NZ, so Sam and the girls had today off school.  This was made especially sweet as Aunty Jude and cousin Jonathan landed on Thursday evening and were hanging with us until this afternoon.

Sam had never met Jono until Thursday evening.  On Thursday morning Sam was asking about the upcoming guests arrival and asked what Jono was like. I said he had a really deep voice and was really tall..  Sam looked a tad puzzled and then said, 'But will he fit in our house?'.   Phewf... all are relieved he fitted in - although he was given a mere single bed on the first night. Like Sleeping Beauty it didn't bode well for a good night sleep as his feet scrunched up against the end of the bed, so it was remedied for night 2+ as he slept on the floor on a mattress.

Sam is a complex little guy.  His medical issues are fast becoming the minor of his issues as his developmental issues are becoming more pronounced and harder to deal with.  On the first afternoon we went on a walk to the local park and down to the beach.  Sam is nervous and anxious around any animal, as they are unpredictable in their speed and direction of movement.  They also can make sudden loud noises, which freaks him out.  Well, it is no exaggeration to say that 95% of the dozenes of people we encountered were in possession of 1, 2 or even 3 dogs. His obvious concern and anxiousness was very evident.  This fear of sudden loud noises and movement is quite debilitating, yet understandable as he has mobility issues and often is easily knocked over.  Well, it was hard work, but made so much better by the helping hand of Jono and Jaz.

We ventured far and wide as tourists in Auckland - Takapuna, Devonport, One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park, Mission Bay and the Chinese night markets (and that was just day one!).

Some things are just easier with out little brother hanging out, especially one that needs to have 2-3 hourly bladder washouts and to be hooked up to feeds.  So today I left Sam with a friend (& nurse) and took the girls out so they could enjoy an adventure.  Tree Adventures did not disappoint - total adrenaline from the time you climbed the first ladder, to the final flying fox dismount - a great time with the girls and watching them laugh and smile with their crazy cousin!

The week ahead sees us in hospital on Thursday for a respiratory review.  I also will be in touch with Sams Nurse Specialist, as his PICC line is neither drawing back or pushing - so basically is useless and needs to come out...... it's easy enough to do, but need to check with them.  I don't want Sam to miss more school if I can just do it. We shall see.

I leave you with other photos of Sam having a great time being at home and just doing normal life!

A selfie pose with Jono,....

Hanging on a tricycle while the rest of us consume coffee and cake!

But not everyone came... so Sam catted to Uncle Pete on the phone.

A fabulous fun filled few days.... but back to reality and school again. Enjoy your new week. X

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The Doughertys said...

Awesome pics, looks like you had the bestest time. Cool. Love you xx