Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bee Mine!

Today after church Candace, Sam and I (Jaz hit the books as she faces exam week ahead) had lunch with some of our favourite fun people - we distressed our children as we (AKA 'the olds') sung and danced to 80's hits.... then the bee suit was donned for a visit to their bee hives.  Sam didn't quite get the whole kit on, but he was so delighted to wear some of it and then he tested it with his bee and it worked - no stings were felt - eureka, it works!

Sam was tired after a rough night - waking with groin pain and vomiting - Francis was sleeping with him to give me a chance to catch up on sleep, as we are also facing a hospital week ahead (which means not much sleep).

So Sam still has a uti, which has been treated for the past 2.5 weeks at home with 3 different drugs, but it's not clearing.  On Friday I spoke to Starship and after many phone calls and juggling logistics in hospital, Sam needs to be at Starship by 8am tomorrow morning.  The plan is that on Monday he will have some chest ultrasounds, to check out how good his veins are, as he is on the surgical list for Tuesday to get a portacath in.  This is a central venous catheter, but unlike the other IV access lines he has had (CVL or PICC), a portacath is buried under the skin - see below.  Clearly Sam will have to wait a few years for the chest hair and beard... but you get the idea!  The positives with this is that it is covered so the skin can get wet/shower/swim.  The bubble thing is then accessed and he could have IV antibiotics through this.  

Image result for portacath

On Friday we had about 4 plans for different scenarios.  Thankfully 2 of them didn't eventuate through the weekend, so we are down to the last 2 scenarios - hopefully Sam will be reviewed/ultrasound to find line access and we can come home for the night, returning on Tuesday for theatre.  The other option is that they decide Sam needs to be admitted immediately so they can keep an eye on him/treat uti in hospital and surgery on Tuesday.

He hasn't had a portacath before, so I have no idea about post surgery discharge or even how to use it, so I am guessing we will be in hospital for most of the week for healing and training.

I will take my laptop in and update on Sam when he is in theatre..... He is a brave boy, but I wish his body coped with just oral antibiotics. Sadly his little body has been exposed so long he is resistant to many simple ones and is onto the top shelf drugs.

Have a good week.

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